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The Bachelorette 19 – Gabby/Rachel

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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 8 Thoughts, Nate’s “Apology,” & Your Daily Roundup

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    You know what this week is, right? Yes, it’s the beginning of college football season. I’m aware that there were like 11 games this past weekend in some bogus, made up Week 0 name, but THIS is the week things officially begin. Full slate of games and I’m ready to go. Now, the thing about Week 1 is these lines were released in May. So basically any value on betting these games is gone. Some have had 8, 9, 10pt line movements. That’s crazy to me and unless you bet it in May, which I didn’t, there isn’t too much appealing on these lines. So I’ll hope to jump in some live betting and see if I can get any value. But just the fact … Continue reading

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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 7 Recap, Jesse’s Big “Surprise” at the MTA, & Your Daily Roundup

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    Keeping this in one paragraph: I’m a moron. I know my doctor told me before surgery I was looking at probably 12 weeks before I was walking again. But for whatever reason, my mind didn’t process that. I processed it as 12 weeks before I could walk without assistance. Maybe it was wishful thinking. Had my first doctors appointment yesterday. Everything looks great. It’s healing correctly. They removed the splint and now I’m in a boot. Again for whatever reason, I equated being in a boot to walking. Probably because last time I was in a boot 20 years ago for torn ankle ligaments, I was walking in it almost immediately. Yeah, not quite this time around. Still not allowed to put any pressure on … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” the “Bachelorette” TV Schedule, “Bachelor Party” Podcast, & Your Daily Roundup

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    I’ve upgraded my life. My scooter life that is. From last Friday to yesterday, I had a fairly basic scooter I got off Amazon. It was $150 and did what it was built for. It got me around the house, which is the only place I’ve been since surgery a week ago. I haven’t left my house. However, it was pretty wobbly, and I’ve stumbled a couple times. Just didn’t feel safe enough on it, so I doled out $400 and got myself one with all terrain wheels and shocks. Got it put together yesterday and it’s SO much better than the original one. Today I plan on going outside for the first time and honestly just kinda scooting around the neighborhood just to be … Continue reading

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