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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Two Women Speak on Nate Mitchell

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There is not much to recap today regarding last night’s episode. I will give my thoughts tomorrow and then some along with your Reader Emails, so get those in today. Today is a story about 4 months in the making. Keep in mind, these used to be way more frequent. I have not posted one negative thing I’ve been told about a contestant in well over a year. You’ve heard me say it time and time again. I’m out of that business. I’m done being the middle man. The exception would be is if someone who came forward to tell me something about a contestant put their name behind it, showed me proof, and wanted a platform to share whatever it is they had. Today is one of those days. And it’s more than one person who came forward. Not a whole hell of a lot of editorial here today. It’s all here for you to judge as the info is basically cut and pasted from what they … Continue reading

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    Podcast #298 – Interview with Louise Barnard, Mia Jones, & Tamaris Sepulveda from “FBoy Island”

    Photo Credit: HBO Max

    A great podcast today as I believe this is the first interview released today with the women of FBoy Island – Louise, Mia, and Tamaris – talking about their finale which dropped on HBO Max earlier today. You will find out what went into each of their decisions, any regrets they may have, an update on where they’re at with their relationships, and a whole lot more. One thing in particular I want you to pay attention to is in my 11 min open, reading one of the awful DM’s that Tamaris received today. I know it’s become the norm now to send death threats to contestants, but that certainly doesn’t make it right. I can’t believe losers are taking time out of their day to do this to a woman they saw on TV for 10 episodes. Even though I say I can’t believe it, I know it happens. To all contestants on all reality shows. What kind of miserable pathetic life are you leading if you’re … Continue reading

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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby & Rachel – Episode 4 Recap, My Possible Major Injury, Hayden’s Apology, & Your Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well yesterday sure was interesting for me. I guess I’ll have more to disclose tomorrow, but at the gym yesterday, I could’ve sworn I tore my Achilles. Doing mountain climbers on the TRX, planted, and it felt like a weight dropped on my Achilles. Honestly, I thought one did. I’d never felt anything like that before. However, no sharp pain, I can walk with a limp, it’s tender if I pinch my Achilles all the way up to my calf area, then no tenderness after that. Paramedics came and they didn’t seem to think it was completely torn based on what they were having me do with my ankle. I’m able to walk with a limp, I can even balance on that leg and even bend to a certain point. Just feels very stiff and the Achilles area is a little swollen. No bruising or anything. So I’ve been told if I completely tore my Achilles no way would I be able to do any of that stuff. … Continue reading

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