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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 6 Recap, Next Bachelor Talk, & Your Daily Roundup

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    Boy I tell ya’, as I mentioned on my Daily Roundup yesterday, I don’t wish an Achilles tear on anyone. Now granted, it’s been 5 days since surgery and I haven’t once had to take the pain pills described to me. I’m sitting in any throbbing pain at all. Getting used to a leg being in a splint, I’ve banged it a couple times, even fell off my scooter once and the bad leg hit the ground first. But that’s just an instant pain and goes away after a few seconds. All in all, the recovery has just been boring. Well, that is until I attempted my first shower over the weekend. Yikes. Lets just say I now have a chair in my shower to … Continue reading

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    Your “Men Tell All” Spoilers & Daily Roundup

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    Geez. Hell of a week on this site, no? Tuesday you had your Nate story. Yesterday you had your season ending spoilers. And today you have your “Men Tell All” spoilers. However, don’t expect many fireworks. There were really only two guys this season that caused any drama in the house – Chris and Hayden – and neither of them were at the MTA taping yesterday. So your guess is as good as mine as to why they weren’t there. Who knows? But there was some interesting news to come from it, including the fact that they did bring up the Nate story that I reported earlier this week. Did they mention my name? Of course not. But hey, it’s a start. And it’s not … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Gabby/Rachel Spoilers

    Podcast #299 (And Column) – Your “Bachelorette” Finale Spoilers


    Todays the day you’ve been waiting for. You know, where I tell you all my surgery yesterday! Kidding. Well, sort of. This paragraph I will but the rest will be the written version of todays podcast, which is all your Bachelorette news & spoilers for this season – Men Tell All, Bachelor casting, & Rachel & Gabby’s season. Anyway, surgery was successful yesterday on my Achilles, just gonna have a long road to recovery. Apparently since I tore it last Monday til yesterday, the tear got worse. But it’s taken care of, I’m in a splint, my scooter arrives today which I desperately need. Just using crutches around the house is a beating. Will be so much easier to wheel around. First time I’d ever … Continue reading

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