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    Podcast #138 – Interview with “Paradise Hotel” Winners, Tatum Smith and Bobby Ray


    Taking a one week break from all things “Bachelorette” related to bring you the winners of “Paradise Hotel” this season, Tatum Smith and Bobby Ray. The interviews are done separately since, well, they don’t talk anymore. You can find out all about that while listening to the podcast today and draw your own conclusions. One thing I will say for “Paradise Hotel,” while it may have gotten episodes cut only a week in and didn’t do well in the ratings, like you’ll hear Bobby say in the podcast, that finale had a lot going on. Definitely was an entertaining finale with numerous twists and turns. And we’ve seen the “will you choose love or money” twist before, but the way this show did it I thought was the best version of that we’ve seen before. We go over it in the podcast in case you didn’t watch, and you’ll hear Tatum and Bobby both give very different accounts of what they thought the other person would do. Very … Continue reading

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    Podcast #137 – Interview with Olivia Caridi


    Happy 4th of July everyone wherever you may be (that’s my Vin Scully intro). Since Olivia Caridi is one of my favorite people to talk to and it’s been 7 months since I had her on, figured it was time to bring her back. WARNING: there are spoilers talked about in this episode just to let you know. Also I change the Final 10 up this week as I answer all the questions I ask Olivia myself after she answers them. Plus, they are all questions I’ve never asked anyone before. Since I’ve had Olivia on now 4 times and we’ve developed a friendship outside of the podcasts, I feel I can talk to her about anything, so, there’s definitely some sex talk this episode. Another warning if you don’t think your virgin ears can handle it. We first talk about it and how it relates to Hannah’s season since that’s gonna be a major part of the next couple episodes. Then it comes up a few times … Continue reading

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    Podcast #136 – Interview with Haley Stevens, the Ex-Girlfriend of Jed Wyatt


    A lot to cover in today’s podcast as we speak to the woman Jed was dating before he appeared on the “Bachelorette,” Haley Stevens. I know a lot of you have questions, I know a lot of you are sick of her, and I know a lot of you are calling her an opportunist. Just listen to the podcast. That’s all I ask. Haley has been a musician for 10 years, long before she met Jed. Yes, when she speaks out, coverage of her being musician is going to be known, but it’s not like she’s headlining at the Grand Ole Opry next week either. We cover everything from their relationship pre-show, how she handled things during filming, the interviews, she’s done, and post-show what’s been happening. There are spoilers in this so you’ve been warned. Also, there is a part around the 1 hour 14 min mark where Haley and I get our wires crossed and I reveal to her something about someone from Jed’s past who … Continue reading

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