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    Podcast #121 – Interview with Sharleen Joynt


    Sharleen is the best. There’s really no other way to put it. One of the most, if not THE most, articulate, insightful, and downright enjoyable people to listen to in this franchise. Love talking with her and I think you’ll enjoy podcast #121 today. Granted, since we haven’t talked to Sharleen all season, but she covers the show extensively on three different platforms, we didn’t go over the whole season. Tried to keep it to what we saw the last two weeks. Sharleen no doubt has some thoughts on what went down, what mistakes Colton made, where she sees the two of them now, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Seriously my favorite conversation of the season. Sharleen never disappoints. And of course, Kaci Campbell from “Temptation Island” joins us at the end to break down episode #9. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Sharleen’s Twitter handle (@sharleenjoynt) in your replies. It’s much appreciated. A really good deep … Continue reading

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    Podcast #120 – Interview with Jacqueline Trumbull


    Had a changeup this week due to an family emergency with the original podcast guest. I was supposed to have on Jenni Croft Badolato, the other woman that Brad Womack dumped at the end of his first season along with DeAnna, and of course right after I promoted it on Twitter, being Mr. Jinx that I am, within the hour Jenni had texted me back and had an emergency sickness with her child and she couldn’t do it. She had to postpone and I’m sure we’ll hear her on in the next few weeks. But with not a lot of time to find someone, I had been texting with Jacqueline Trumbull in the last few days, so she was able to come on to talk about Colton’s season. There are spoilers talked about in this episode, so just know you’ve been warned. But at this point, with only a few days left before the finale, I mean, are people really bothered if they find out the ending? Anyway, … Continue reading

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    Podcast #119 – Interview with “Here to Make Friends” Podcast Co-Host Emma Gray


    Fun times today talking with “Here to Make Friends” podcast co-host, Emma Gray, and then speaking with Kaci Campbell of “Temptation Island” for our weekly chat. One thing about the beginning of Emma’s interview is that her messenger “ding” goes off about 5 times in the first 5 minutes before she figured out how to shut it off, so just know that goes away about 5 or 6 minutes in. Never had Emma on before, but I know a lot of people enjoy their podcast, and I’ve been on their podcast a couple times, so I figured it was about time we had her on. She definitely has an interesting perspective on the show covering it as a feminist, which we get into. Also, no ads this week, but there is one stop down where I give out a website address to fill out another survey to update our advertisers on what you the listener want to hear. That link is below as well. Please take 3 minutes … Continue reading

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