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    Podcast #59 – Interview with The Ringer’s Juliet Litman & “Dr. Reality Steve”

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    Got a little heavy last week, so decided to bring it back to “Bachelor” talk this week and have a little fun with someone who kicked off last year as my first guest on the podcast, the managing editor of and host of the “Bachelor Party” podcast, Juliet Litman. Juliet is choosing to go unspoiled this season, so it’s interesting to hear from someone who has no clue what’s coming up what their thoughts are on the contestants and the storylines. Juliet is really the only “Bachelor” related podcast I listen to when I can so it’s always fun to talk to her about her thoughts on the franchise and the show. Also, for the first time I can remember on my podcast in over a year, I get into a little sports talk with Juliet, talking NBA to end the podcast. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Juliet’s Twitter handle (@JulietLitman) in your replies so she can … Continue reading

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    Podcast #58 – Interviews with Arie & Peter’s Ex-Girlfriends, Sydney Stempfley and Brittany Hansen


    Well, to say today’s podcast might generate a reaction or two would be a understatement. Since the season is starting in four days, we have two women on the podcast today who know a little bit about the guy who is the “Bachelor” and the guy who was originally set to the “Bachelor,” and that’s Arie & Peter’s ex-girlfriends. You may remember Sydney as she spoke with ET 5 days after Arie was announced, but that was in September and I know she has a different perspective on things than she did then. As for Brittany, probably very few know about her relationship with Peter, when it even took place and that from the time he got home from filming Rachel’s season, it continued quite seriously. Today is their chance to tell their side of what happened. Kinda two different interviews. I know what you’re expecting, but Sydney’s is not a bash job on Arie. She’s honest about what happened, the mistakes they both made, and how everything … Continue reading

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    Podcast #57 – Interview with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Brandi Glanville


    I promise you’ll be getting your Episode 1 break down soon. Was out of town all last weekend, got back late Monday, and have been a little swamped with stuff the last few days. No, this has nothing to do with any possible pending litigation. As I said, I will continue to spoil as planned. Hey, that “Bachelor: Canada” spoiler I gave you on Thanksgiving Day seemed to work out last night, didn’t it? I highly doubt I’ll ever get another spoiler to that show in the future, so I’d temper any expectations going forward. That was complete luck that dropped in my lap this season. Glad I could help though. As for this week’s podcast, it’s a “dual” interview, as both me and Brandi Glanville interview each other during this hour plus gabfest. We definitely talk about a lot of things in this podcast as you’ll see below. I’ve never watched RHOBH before, but I certainly knew about Brandi from reading both her books and her life … Continue reading

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