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    “Reader Emails,” & The Stitcher Show That YOU Can Possibly Help Us Name

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    Gotten a few emails yesterday regarding the new podcast starting next month that I’m co-hosting with Sharleen. Even though I thought I stated pretty clearly it wouldn’t replace Thursday’s podcast, and it was just an added podcast, some people still thought that was the case. No, it’s not. Your Thursday podcast will appear the same as it always does. The podcast with Sharleen begins in June and can only be heard on Stitcher Premium. Once I give you a code, you get one month free and then it’s $4.99/month or $29.99/year for a subscription. Our podcast will only be once a month, most likely towards the end of the month. We’ll spend all month recording segments talking to callers, put it all together, then post it. Already have a couple callers lined up, but if you want to be a part of the first show, email either myself or Sharleen, give us a little background on your dating/marriage/sex/relationship question, let us know your availability on when … Continue reading

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    Podcast #17 – Interview with Sharleen Joynt, Also “Reader Emails,” and “Dr. Reality Steve”


    In going back and listening to podcast #17 with Sharleen to get the time stamps, I realized I said something in the very beginning that might throw some people off. When I introduce Sharleen I said I was “saving the best for last.” This certainly isn’t the last podcast. The podcasts will continue to be released every Thursday in the immediate future. Next week’s guest is an interesting one, someone from the franchise, someone I’ve always wanted to talk to, and one I think you’ll all be interested. To say they made an impact would be an understatement. Anyway, all the guests so far have been great. What I meant when introducing Sharleen is that she was the #1 requested guest to get by you listeners, and she can offer the most unique perspective on Nick since they are friends. I wanted to make sure I put her on the last podcast to wrap up Nick’s season, not my podcasts in general. Sharleen was a really interesting person … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails” & Get Ready for the Longest Podcast Yet


    So I told you yesterday that this week’s podcast being released tomorrow is the return of Michelle Money, one week later, but she is interviewing me this time. Get your popcorn ready. I think Michelle asked me everything other than my checking account and social security number. I mean, we practically started at birth and went all the way up through where I am now. Needless to say, it’s the most thorough interview I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t have done this with too many other people, but Michelle being a friend, this is something she wanted to do, so absolutely I agreed to do it. And I think I pretty much answered everything asked of me. Granted, I couldn’t go into details on certain things, but there are some things in there I touch on for probably the first time ever. Because we covered so much, and Michelle did THREE “Rapid 10’s” of her own, this interview took a while. Like, 2 1/2 hours worth. Yep. I think … Continue reading

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