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    “Reader Emails,” Reaction to Yesterday’s Post, SNL Spoofs “Bachelor” Again, & “This is Us”

    Photo Credit: NBC

    Before we get started today, just a little tangent to go off on because it’s been on a lot of people’s minds since last night, and that’s “This is Us.” Yes, we will finally know how Jack died in their next episode, which airs right after the Super Bowl. So many theories have been going on since we first found out he died when the kids were teenagers, and it’ll all come to a head two Sunday’s from now. Obviously last night they teased at the end of the episode the fire that destroyed the Pearsons house. I’m here to tell you, I have no idea how Jack dies, my guess would only be as good as yours, but here’s one way I know Jack DOESN’T die, and that’s because of the fire. I don’t know how, and I don’t know exactly when, but the way this show is written, the interviews I read every week with the producers and actors, and especially this oneContinue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Instagram Correction, & What is Going on?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So yesterday on Page 2 I explained to you about deleting Instagram comments off other people’s pages. Which you can do, however, the fact that I posted 8 pictures on Instagram in 2016 then moved up to a whopping 14 pictures in 2017, shows I’m not the most IG savvy person in the world. I was informed yesterday by a reader after my column went up that while you can delete comments from other people’s pages and can report them to IG, they’re only deleted to the person who deleted them. So those comments are still on Krystal’s page if you look, unless she went in and deleted them herself. Damn. Try to help out and I thought it would do a good service, but apparently all for naught. You can still at least report the comments, so I guess that’s some silver lining in all of this. But I’m sure IG is getting thousands of requests a day, so who knows how long those will stay up. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Arie’s Blog

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Here’s Arie’s blog now up at where he talks about his dates with each girl along with the drama in the house. Then again, the lead never knows what’s really going on in the house or what the girls are saying in ITM’s because it’s not shown to them. He doesn’t see that til way after the fact, hence the reason he’s defending Krystal in his column. I think judging by his date with Krystal he knew he preferred Becca’s date over her and essentially is just trying not to make Krystal feel bad after the fact. We see this a lot of the time with the lead so I don’t think he’s doing anything out of the ordinary. But you could tell from just watching who he had a better date with. Maybe he didn’t want to catch mono from Krystal or whatever the hell she had for 3 weeks during filming that made it sound like she gargled razor blades every morning. … Continue reading

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