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    Podcast #123 – Interview with “Temptation Island” Host Mark Walberg & Kaci Campbell


    Probably one of the more anticipated podcasts in a while coming at you today, as I talk with the host of “Temptation Island,” Mark Walberg, and our final conversation of the season with Kaci Campbell where we can address a lot of things that we couldn’t during the season. I first wanna say that Mark’s insight to this show is excellent. His analysis of these couples is so spot-on and the advice he gives is really second to none. One of my favorite people to talk to. I’m guessing we will no doubt have him on again at some point during season 2. Maybe have him on in the beginning to preview everything then at the end again to give us a wrap up. After listening to him today, you’ll know why. I could listen to him dissect this show for hours. As for Kaci, we dive into everything. It’s all out on the table. It’s emotional at times for her, I think it’s cathartic at times, and at times I think there’s clarity. One … Continue reading

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    “Temptation Island” – Nell Kalter’s Finale Recap


    Don’t be jealous, but I’m sort of a scholar when it comes to slasher movies. I have read every single academic text written about the hemoglobin-spattered dirty subgenre of horror – there are far more than you’d think! – so I am quite well versed in the narrative and stylistic iconography particular to a collection of movies that all seem to end with a body count. I know slashers are set in isolated locations and that those locations are populated by a gaggle of nubile young adults who are ready and willing to sit on some faces. I know the viewer is meant to feel exactly nothing when most of the characters suddenly disappear because we haven’t invested in any of them in the slightest. I know there is usually one survivor – our resilient Final Girl – and we are meant to root for her because she seems decent and kind and because she’s the person about whom we’ve learned the most. And I know with the certainty of a person who has watched … Continue reading

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    Podcast #122 – Interview with the “Again With This” Podcast Co-Hosts, Tara Ariano & Sarah D. Bunting


    Fun times this week. You know what a 90210 nerd I am. So what better people to have on than two of the best podcasters out there who cover the show extensively, and that’s Tara Ariano & Sarah D. Bunting of the “Again With This” podcast. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re missing out. Give it a listen. They cover EVERY episode ever of “Beverly Hills 90210” with audio clips and their commentary included throughout. Very funny stuff. When I was on my 90210 binge during December, there were definitely a few episodes that I watched, where immediately afterwards, I’d pull up their podcast to see what they had to say. Yes, I recorded a podcast with them back in January that I accidentally deleted, but with the untimely passing of Luke Perry two weeks ago, it’s almost like this ended up working out better since it gave us a chance to reflect on his life and his career with the show. Also, because last night’s “Temptation Island” only had finality to one of … Continue reading

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