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“Bachelor” Nick Episode 2 Recap Incl Corinne and Liz Talk

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-We started with the women toasting each other for making through night one. According to Nick’s blog last week, there were four girls from the first night that he never even spoke to who he still gave roses to. So hopefully those four weren’t all that giddy toasting each other. The date card arrived and it was for 12 girls to join him on a brides and bridesmaids photo shoot. Corinne is already overly excited for Nick. Corinne: “I’m crushing on Nick so hard.” She had a couple night one conversations with him and she kissed him. And already she’s freaking out. Probably due to the fact that she’s 24 and about as mature as a high school freshman. I don’t follow many of Nick’s girls on social media, but I do follow Corinne on snapchat. During the show last night I saw she’s already promoting Diff Eyewear, like half the people in this franchise. Oh wait, but she wants to do garage flooring the rest of her life when daddy hands over the business. Sure she doesn’t.

-As they’re getting prepared for the group date, Corinne is essentially bragging to Hailey that she was the first to kiss Nick. Then tells us in an ITM: “I was the first to kiss him, my name was 1st on the date card, I’m full of #1’s. Better than #2’s. Or going #2.” Again, just trying to be funny, knows the role she needs to play on the show, and is playing it to perfection. Problem is, we’ve seen this role plenty of times before. They do and say things that know will get them camera time, and they stir the pot. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it isn’t. But most of the time, it achieves it’s goal. She’s 24. My guess is that she’s not the most self-aware person on the planet. While she thinks she’s funny and knows she’ll get camera time from it, she doesn’t comprehend how young and immature she looks. But she’ll take validation from strangers on IG telling her how funny she is and think those people are right about her, where any sane individual with at least 12 brain cells knows she’s a hot mess and her schtick will get old real soon. But hey, keep building those IG followers since that’s what the show has become. Her “Wine, Bachelor, Yoga Pants” tank I’m sure will be sold any second now.

-The date itself was pretty tame as a bunch of them just put on brides or bridesmaid dresses and took pictures with him. You had Vanessa as an 80’s bride, Alexis as the Shotgun bride, the Biker bride, Princess bride, and Adam & Eve wedding with Brittany, who wore a leaf bikini bottom with no top. I think the most interesting part of this group date was they were somehow able to wrangle Franc from “Father of the Bride” to be the photographer for this date. Did anyone else find it incredibly ironic that he was telling one of them during the shoot, “Somebody needs a little spanking.” If Franc was any more happy, he’d have been Andy Cohen. Brittany definitely had some balls to wear that bikini and she rocked it. However, when Corinne is uttering lines like, “I need to make him feel the more Corinne side of Corinne,” then you knew what was coming. Platinum vagine anyone?

-Corinne is not to be upstaged by anyone this season, especially someone with the same name as Jordan Rodgers’ ex girlfriend, so she takes matters into her own hands and makes sure she puts the focus on her by taking her top off in the pool and posing with Nick. Nick the “Bachelor” is probably thinking to himself, “This isn’t a good idea, what will the other girls think, I don’t know how to act,” when Nick the Producer is loving every second of this. And probably thankful as all get out that this happening in the water so the camera isn’t catching him pitching a tent under the surface at this point. I think podcast guest Juliet Litman said it best last week when she said Corinne is about as transparent as they come. We know what we’re getting with her every week. She knew what she was doing every week and owned it. She’s there to cause drama, have people talk about her, give humorous one liners, and then go on to be the star of “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer. And Nick wanting so badly for this to be a good season ratings wise, is well aware what Corinne is all about and keeps her around accordingly. She’s “good TV” and she’s who people are talking about every Tuesday morning.

-The photographer shockingly chose Corinne as the “winner” of this date, even though he never really explained what exactly she won for. Then again, this is a straight ploy by producers to do something like this so the other girls will get upset and start talking about it. Nick the Producer who likes kissing ass will have you believe no editing happens on this show and that it’s who you really are that comes out, and they just exploit it. Actually no, Nick. You’re absolutely wrong, and your slurping job with Elan and Todd is shining through. Corinne “won” that group date to cause drama. That’s producer editing. Or manipulation. Or mind f***ing. Whatever you want to call it. That photographer had zero input on who he really should choose to “win” the date. Hey, just pointing out the obvious. Producer Nick is having a field day with this season and we’re one date in. Outstanding.

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  1. kimmyfromdablock

    January 10, 2017 at 9:37 AM

    That 1980’s wedding dress on Vanessa was scarily similar to my 1989 wedding dress. So horrible, but at the time, I thought I was the sh*t.

  2. purplerayne

    January 10, 2017 at 10:12 AM

    “Could Nick have made an effort to if he really was interested in her after she didn’t give him her number?”

    Thats the point! He didnt, so clearly he wasnt interested….thus why did Liz come on the show? She turned him down, for her own valid reasons, when he asked for her number. And since he didnt make an attempt to chase her, it shouldve told her plainly that he wasnt that into her. OR maybe he couldve been but the moment was gone/lost. Guys are simple. If they want someone, they will make it known. BTW lets note pretend that she didnt come on the show for attention and social media exposure for her travel blog.

  3. rob22

    January 10, 2017 at 11:29 AM

    Liz didn’t misread Nick, at all. I’m sure he was totally fine with leaving it as a one night hook-up. Had Liz pursued Nick later, I doubt he would have even returned a text. So, while I get that Nick wasn’t thrilled that Liz kinda just showed up at his Bachelor gig, to pretend that Liz should have just got his number & called him & implying anything might have come of it, is just complete BS. I hate to say it, but he already had Liz. He’s looking for new fantasy suite material. That’s what Nick is all about. I’m really wondering, based on his obvious and extremely morally casual attitude towards the girls, especially Corrinne, how this season stays on the rails. This feels like it’s headed into Juan Pah-blow 2.0 territory where you wonder if any of the girls will still like him, at all, at the end.

  4. mikeyy

    January 10, 2017 at 2:13 PM

    Sorry purplerayne, but couldn’t agree with you more. To say that guys are “simple” is just not true. If you ask for someone’s number and they decline to give it you, to me it indicates they are not interested. Not every guy is going to fight for a woman, no matter how much they like her. I’m not saying Nick necessarily was interested in anything serious with Liz (he wasn’t), or had any intentions of hanging out with her but asking for someone’s number after a one-night stand, indicates some level of interest

  5. rob22

    January 10, 2017 at 2:27 PM

    @mikeyy: not necessarily. As Liz suspected (and I give her credit for having that insight), Nick may have asked for the number to be “polite”, or stated more directly, to avoid looking like a guy who just wanted a hookup & was “finished” with her. If a guy asked for the number AND then actually calls/texts AND then makes some specific plans with a girl, then he’s showing some level of interest. Simply asking for a phone number is often a low effort way for a guy to somewhat gracefully hit the door without looking like a complete tool. Too often, and the women will keep me honest here, there is no call or text coming. One of the big complaints I hear from women is that the guys SAYS he’s going to call/text. Then doesn’t. It drives them crazy. If a guy says he’s going to call, girls think he’s actually going to call. But he didn’t call simply because he either never had any intention of calling (for reasons stated above) or was leaning towards lack of interest, but wanted to keep HIS options open in case he changed his mind or was REALLY lonely some night. The latter case is when a girl, who’s been blown off, gets a sudden call weeks later from a guy who’s suddenly interested in getting together.

  6. mikeyy

    January 10, 2017 at 2:40 PM

    @Rob22, I agree with you. There are a lot of guys who get girls numbers with no intention of ever contacting them. But this does not encompass “all” men. To say this would be a big generalization. Personally, if I ask for a female’s number I generally call/text them because I was interested. Again, maybe I’m in the minority here but I do not think all guys are the same. I doubt Nick ever had any intention of contacting Liz, considering everything we know about the dude, but we will never know.

  7. purplerayne

    January 10, 2017 at 2:42 PM

    @Mikeyy, i think we are both saying the same thing…but differently LOL Guys are straightforward for the most part. Thats what i meant by simple. If Nick really liked her, he wouldve asked again for her number, flirted with her on social media or her number or made a comment to Jane/Tanner. I dont blame Liz for being skeptical and thus not giving her number away…BUT she cant have it both ways. She cant turned him down and then expect him to be cool with her showing upon the show after 9 months of radio silence. BTW Lade mentioned in People magazine that Liz did reach out to Nick, to invite him to a charity event of hers. Hmmmm. This makes it even more awkward that she showed up after he rejected that invitation. And I must say, I would wonder if im Nick if she wanted him to show up for press reasons).

  8. purplerayne

    January 10, 2017 at 2:45 PM

    @Mikeyy….you are in the minority. Speaking for ALL of my girlfriends, there are a lot of men (more than you would imagine) who ask for a number only as a polite way of exiting a situation/conversation. IF they do call or text, its just to see if the girl is still available when they have nothing better on their radar. Even my nicest guy friends have been guilty of this behaviour. You are a gem, dont change!

  9. ashleigh11

    January 10, 2017 at 5:31 PM

    Someone needs to hook up Danielle with Luke from last season.

  10. sleeprgirl

    January 10, 2017 at 6:33 PM

    If I were a man, I would have to be very drunk to hook up with Liz. She isn’t the typical “Bachelorette style” girl. A little overweight, as she hides her large middle with clothes dropping across her. Then there is that super unattractive back tattoo, that I bet Nick never saw, even in the motel room. It is narly. I put people to sleep, and have seen thousands of tattoo, and there are some really neat,artistic and tasteful tattoos out there. Not for Liz though. Then she has those large teeth. OK, so I’m not a Liz fan. She got her 15 mins of fame…bye, bye. I’m going to get pretty sick of Corinne,SOON! STEVE, she is so juvenile. Even though I know how this all goes down, I would like to see some interesting people, beautiful clothing, hair and makeup, not child’s play, and awkward behavior by Nick. He needs to keep those hands off his face and stop the mumbling…I am tired of straining to hear him. That’s all.

  11. atleast4characters

    January 10, 2017 at 9:22 PM

    Never heard of Diff Eyewear (I don’t have any social media accounts), but sure enough, here’s a sample catalog of hawkers from the franchise:

    I finally participated in one of Steve’s site polls. Corinne is annoying. Whenever she’s talking I just want to say STFU.

  12. lak377

    January 11, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    @sleeprgirl, so because Liz has a normal weight and body you’re going to rip on her and call her overweight? To say she “isn’t typical Bachelorette style”, make fun of her tattoo and say she has large teeth is just as immature as Corinne. Perhaps you should audition for this show!

  13. trixibelleschott

    January 12, 2017 at 11:13 AM

    I’d like to add my take on Liz, please:

    From the beginning, she bounced her ideas off her good friend Jade. No doubt they agreed Liz could have some fun as a part of The Bachelor franchise. When Liz ran into Nick at Jade’s wedding, she saw him as a partially attractive, less than her usual looks wise but acceptable hook up since he was, after all, somewhat known in the world of tv suitors. After a drunken night with him, she decided to cut her losses and move on, but, as time went by, she saw her reject become a desirable commodity…thus the plot to recapture his attention and put herself in the spotlight…even more important.

    Meanwhile, Nick has moved on from that night with Liz. He’s plenty busy. Maybe she was the star of his fantasy one late night,alone with only himself to cuddle. So what,right. Then comes his night of glorious stardom. He is The Bachelor with scads of women from which he must choose a given number. The producers haven’t prepared him for the arrival of La Liz. Heeheehee. Of course they knew,this was ratings gold for at least the night,probably more.

    When Nick was ready to present his roses, he confessed to the producers that he had no real interest in many of the girls,and,by the way, did you know I knew one of them…yeah we actually hooked up before! …NO,Do tell! Hey, this is your chance, Mr. Nick, to be the bachelor who goes down in bachelor history for having a former hook up as one of your bachelorettes! Whadaya say Nick, ole buddy,ole pal! You’de be the first!

    Awe, I don’t know…we’re pretty done. I don’t even know why she’s here. (Duh…doesn’t it take one to know one. She wants to be on tv,schmuck). So the producers convince him to call her last, let her stew a little and tell Nick they really appreciate it because it gives some dramatic interest etc. Nick doesn’t think things through…too caught up in the moment ..all new stuff in the other room.

    Skip ahead…Liz can’t keep her mouth shut. Maybe she even has a buddy in production now telling her…it’s probably a good idea to find someone you really trust and let it all out so the world can know what you’ve been through…welcome miss friend who says she would never say a word. The rest is history. Rob22 was right about how production knew all along what the outcome would be. They milked it, gave us some good tv, too bad it couldn’t have been juicier.

    There’s nothing worse than a boring season, so let the conflicts ensue and play out. Liz…what a maroon!?

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