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“Reader Emails” & DeMario Tells Us Everything That Went Down in Paradise

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Hi Steve,

I’m just curious if there is an age limit on BIP. It seems like the participants are only from more recent editions of the Bachelor franchise. Do they purposely exclude those bachelor/bachelorette contestants from past seasons because they want to keep the show young? It gets kind of boring seeing the same people.

Comment: Hmmmm, I’m confused on that one. In the four seasons of BIP, we always see the people from the two most recent seasons make up a majority of the cast. They’ll always throw past ones back in, but it makes sense to cast more recent people because those are the ones most fresh on people’s minds. Like, you’d really want to see a season of cast members from 4-5 seasons ago trying to find love? My guess is if they ever did that, your reaction would be, “Who are these people?”

You asked why would BIP do a publicity stunt when the show is already hot? In my opinion Steve…yes you’re right the show is very popular. It’s my summer obsession. I make pink piña coladas as a weekly routine when the show is on…I call them “Pinka Coladas”. Lol.

But I’m not that impressed with the cast. Besides Corrine and DeMario the cast seems boring. Maybe the producers knew that and needed a plan B to spice things up by shutting down production and regrouping.

Comment: Like I said in a previous email, the cast is exactly what the cast is every season. They’ve gotten all the most memorable contestants from the most recent seasons. So I’m not sure what your expectations were heading into BIP.

Hi there, glad for you that you will have those 6 weeks back for your site!

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Amanda S. going to paradise and then going back again once production re started? I’m wondering if they are grooming her to be in contention for being the Bachelorette? Similarly to how they showed Nick V down there. Do you think that the entire cast had to go back because of their contracts from the first time?

Keep spoilin’

Comment: Amanda won’t be the “Bachelorette.”

Pretty much all of the original cast did. I think a couple didn’t, but not 100% sure yet.

Hi Steve,

I want to tell you that I love your podcasts. I haven’t missed one yet. Did you ever consider getting Brooks to be a guest? I always enjoyed him on Afterbuzz and think he would be a great one to have on. It’s possible.

I cannot get over how much I am enjoying Dean this season. Any chance he’ll be considered for the lead? Or is he still with Kristina?

Thanks!! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Comment: I guess we’ll know in a couple weeks if he’s still with Kristina. But no, I don’t see him being the “Bachelor” regardless of if he is or not.


I don’t know if you saw Peter Kraus’ fitness tour post on Instagram. I have watched the show for many years and have never seen even an F3 do something like that while the show is still on. Do you think from an ethical stand point that it was a good move? I would personally have preferred that he waited until the show ends. Is it possible he does something at the end of the season that he thinks might lead to him losing fans, thus saw the need to capitalize on his popularity now?

Comment: A fitness tour? I don’t know what that is. Hey, he’s doing what he set out to accomplish, which was to increase his brand. So I guess if it works for him, so be it.

Hey Steve,

Long time reader, you have been my favorite site online for years. Please always keep doing you.

I travel a lot for work, so I always save your podcasts for layovers. It makes me actually look forward to flight delays.

So I know you occasionally have insider info on other reality shows, anything on Married at First Sight this season? Are any of them still together?

Comment: Well, I would actually disagree with you there. I don’t even think I occasionally have insider info on other shows. I can’t remember any that I have outside of this franchise. So no, got nothin’ for ya’ unfortunately.

Hi Steve,

I got into the Bachelor during Ben Higgin’s season which led me to watch Sean Lowe’s season because they seem to be two of the best guys in the franchise. Now, I am a fan of the Bachelor and because of your podcast I am a fan of so many others who have been on previous seasons. Thank you for allowing these former contestants to share their stores, experiences and give advice. I don’t know about anyone else but for me this has opened my eyes and shown me how much greater these people are than just who they have been shown to be in the series.

I loved Tenley’s podcast episode! I’ve listened to each episode and from each one you’ve posted I gain something new each time and this one was no different. She is so wise and I hope to hear her back on the podcast again sometime!

In case you were wondering my favorite episodes so far have been the one where we learned about you, Ashley Spivey, Lesley Murphy and Tenley. Each of these women have amazing stories and are so strong they’ve encouraged me.

Comment: Thank you. All of those girls were great. It’s basically impossible to rank them at this point. I feel I learn something from each person I interview, and that was the goal from the get go. We’ve got some good ones coming up I think.

Hi Steve,

I love the weekly podcasts! I really enjoyed Ashley Frazier’s interview, she seemed more easy going on the podcast than she did during The Bachelor. It was interesting to learn what Sean had said to her. I also enjoyed Lesley Murphy’s as she was a favourite of mine and a family member is dealing with some medical issues related to hers. It is great seeing such a different side to your podcast guests!

Any chance you will be able to get Brad Womack on as a podcast guest? I found his 2 seasons (especially 1.0) pretty entertaining, especially because he just seemed so checked out of the whole process. I’d love to know how producers felt when he said he wasn’t choosing anyone. I think I remember Chris Harrison saying the show brought Deanna’s family down to the final rose ceremony location but then he didn’t actually choose her. I’m assuming the show was pretty peeved or maybe they loved the attention it brought?


Comment: Lets just say you’ll get your answer to the DeAnna question in tomorrow’s podcast.

As for Brad, you know I don’t like addressing this stuff, but lets just say I’m pretty certain you won’t ever hear him on a podcast. I’ve put out feelers. He just doesn’t do media like this, so I’d be surprised.

Hi Steve,

I’m a big fan of your site and pods.

I had a quick question regarding BIP this season. Do you see any of the guys on the season pulling a Nick and becoming the Bachelor in that fashion instead of some one straight from Rachel’s?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Comment: It’s still early but I really think it’s gonna be Peter.

Hi RS,

You mentioned in the brain candy podcast that the BIP scandal is the top 3 busiest times for you as far media requests and work for your site. What are the other top 2times?

Comment: The Jason and Molly one for sure, because that whole storyline essentially put the site on the map. And then Desiree’s ending because it was the only one I was truly ever wrong on where it was never corrected. That night and into the next day was crazy ass traffic.



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