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“Reader Emails” & DeMario Tells Us Everything That Went Down in Paradise

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Hi Steve,

Hoping you can answer this question in one of your next posts!

Am I the only one that feels like the group of “in” girls (basically ones going to BiP) from Nick’s season are serious “mean girls”/bullies? So much so that I am actually troubled by it and how they disguise it as being an army of women banding together… it’s quite the contrary… And I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people comment on this.

I understand wanting to speak their peace and defend Demario on the whole Corinne/Demario situation, but I thought the way Raven and Jasmine, and even some of the other girls through likes of instagram comments and tweets really ganged up on Corinne was completely classless. It seems like something they really should have stayed out of until the investigation was complete or contacted investigators privately… Speaking from experience you can be completely black out drunk and not remember a situation and appear completely coherent. An outside really DOES NOT KNOW the state of the other person. While I would never ever constitute this as rape (how could Demario be blamed either?), I don’t think it was their place to speak out on Corinne’s state. In their snap chat/ instagram story on the way to Mexico, Alexis posted one of her turning over a magazine cover of Corinne and throwing a few others onto the ground.. Again just comes off as very bully like, not “caring for the people involved” as they keep saying.

They did the same thing with ganging up against Leah Block for her racist tweet. While her tweet was not inappropriate, the way they attempted to really go at her, using words like “drag her”, was horrifying, in my opinion. Well then for Leah’s tweet, you might wanna include Rachel in that since Rachel owned Leah after what she said. But I was on Rachel’s side on that one. Leah was dumb to tweet that, then immediately got defensive which made it worse. Rachel put her in her place.

It seems like these are the most fame hungry girls I have ever seen cast. While Ben’s girls definitely had an “in” group and are no doubt fame hungry, none of them were ever bullies on social media. I really appreciated how Amanda DID NOT speak out on the Corinne/Demario situation. Seems like this group of Nick’s girls like whatever it is will advance their fame and will do whatever/ align with whoever will increase that. They were SO upset to have BiP cancelled as if they lost out on a chance at love. PLEASE. Those girls were there to party and expand their following NOT find love. Even thinking back to when it was “cool” to not like Taylor… They all certainly ganged up against her on the Women Tell All, and now that Corinne is not “in” are suddenly BFFs with Taylor.

Also.. just another note.. the way they have been excited for Rachel’s “leftovers” (as they put it) from day 1 has also been completely classless.

Has anyone else ever noticed this!?

Anyways, rant over. Always love reading your posts and hearing your thoughts!

Comment: I can see some of your points, but, if they saw something being portrayed one way, and they witnessed something completely different, they’re allowed to express their opinion just like you did. They were there. None of us were. And all they did was tell people what they saw because it seemed like DeMario was guilty before anything ever got out. I don’t see anything wrong with them expressing that.

I haven’t noticed anything along the lines of bullying by them as whole either, but you gotta remember, I also don’t follow their social media as intently as maybe you do. What else have they done? What specific examples do you have other than speaking out against Corinne and Leah’s tweet? I think every season every group of guys and girls all hang out, become BFF’s, and have a grand ol’ time on social media. I just don’t see these girls being any different. Granted, I don’t see everything, but nothing has stuck out to me out of the ordinary. Yeah, they spoke up on Corinne, but this is the first time that’s ever happened in show history where production got shut down for days over an incident. So I can’t fault them for stating what they witnessed. If others who weren’t there or were never on the show commented, that’d be a different story.

Hey Steve,

Random question. I noticed last week and this week that during some of Rachel’s ITMs, her hair is completely different than during the date. During the ITMs, it’s pin straight, but it’s curled on the date. Not even like straight where the curls fell out, but like straightened with a flat iron. Are those ITMs the ones that are filmed after the fact? If so, why don’t they make more of an effort to match her appearance?

Comment: Yes. Happens all the time and in every episode. Sharleen’s “All the Pretty Pandas” blog captures this every week. I could just dedicate a column every week to the continuation mistakes this show makes, but, it’s too time consuming. Just know there will always be ITM’s shown every week that weren’t filmed directly before or after the date they’re talking about. It’s TV. They just assume people aren’t paying that close attention. And honestly, 95% of their audience isn’t, so they don’t bother to worry about it or try to cover it up.

Hi Steve!

I love the spoilers! I was just wondering if anyone on the two on one date has ever been chosen in the end?

Comment: Vienna I believe is the only one. And her 2-on-1 was right before hometowns with Gia, but it wasn’t one where a rose was given out. So I wouldn’t even consider that as counting as a traditional 2-on-1. Off the top of my head, I don’t think anyone has, and plenty of leads have said in the past they’d never put anyone they truly cared about on a 2-on-1. They wouldn’t want to put them through that.

Hi Steve,

I was wondering if you have any doubt about who the new winner, Bryan after your source was first wrong. I still stand by you and believe that the new spoiler is correct however I saw these 2 comments and started doubting the new spoiler. Someone Peter follows said so happy for the two of you. Now I don’t know if she’s talking about the show or if she spoiled the ending. The other comment was by Bryan’s Cousin who said you’ll make a great dad one day and my theory was if he and Rachel did end up together wouldn’t she say something diff since Rachel most probably wants kids soon. Idk at this point im probably just over thinking it but evidence points to Bryan being the winner and then it shifts to Peter and I’m just confused. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. As mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to take things seen on social media and use them to fit the narrative that you like best. It seems like you’re a Peter fan and want to see him win. So you can take those things on social media and skew it towards it being a positive for Peter. However, on August 7th when you’ll see she’s engaged to Bryan, none of it will matter. You’re relying on what you see on TV and in social media to try and figure out who wins. That’s where you’re making your mistake. Because you’ll never get a definitive answer. It’s only guessing and speculating. All I can tell you is the source who originally told me it was Peter, who came back and said they made a mistake and she’s engaged to Bryan, I have the utmost confidence in what they told me based on a variety of factors. That’s the best I can give ya’.

My second question is BIP shoots for 2 weeks right but then why does Chris Harrison say it’s week 3,4,5 etc at the rose ceremonies in Paradise? Is it because he’s referring to the air time (6 weeks) ? Also does he say all those weeks instead of the two so it looks like they were in Paradise longer than they actually were?

Thank you so much Steve, always keeping up with your blog and Twitter!

Comment: Yes, they’re told to speak in “episodes” and not “total days/weeks filmed.”

Hey Steve,

I know this question is about 5 years late, but do you remember during Ashley’s season the discussion of the next Bachelor and why Ames wasn’t chosen? A highly educated and successful businessman, had a great backstory and was well liked, it surprises me that they went for Ben F instead… and we all know how that played out. I could probably think of a few reasons.

On another note, this is the best Bachelorette season in a looong time. The most intelligent and sincere Bachelorette since Ashley IMO and I LOVE that she’s already gone back to work.

It’s really easy to separate the boys from the men of this group, am I right?

Thanks for all you do.

Comment: Yes, I agree. Rachel just doesn’t seem to spit out nearly as many clichéd and canned responses like other ones have. Seems like we know exactly what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling at all times. She’s very transparent.

Hi Steve,

So who’s a more awful human being in your opinion – Lee or Chad? it’s a hard choice for me: openly racist troll or openly violent meathead? Ummmm, I choose Satan.

On an unrelated note, where do you recommend getting chicken parmesan in NYC? Have you tried Quality Italian? They pound it out like a pizza, and you eat it by the slice.

Comment: Never had it there. And honestly, I can’t remember the places I went to. But they were all good.

Hi Steve,

Big fan from Greece. Probably the only bachelor franchise fan in the whole country! I have a question for you. Do you know if there is any kind of feud between Bryan and Peter? I’ve noticed that they do not follow each other on Instagram, something that does not happening with the “online” relationship amongst the other contestants. No idea.

Also, could you share with us some of the ehm, not nice stuff, you learned about Peter? I remember you’ve mention it a couple of times that you’ve heard stuff and I wonder what kind maybe that be.

Comment: I’ll just say what I’ve said from the beginning: Peter is no different than the rest of them.

You can save this for your reader emails…

I have a theory on this whole Lee casting. I bet ABC was thinking “not only are we going to cast a black bachelorette, but we’re also going to cast a racist white guy, make him the villain and then let America rip him to shreds to not only prove the franchise isn’t racist, but also doesn’t accept this kind of intolerance.”

The hate ABC has gotten for making racism a storyline is probably not what they were expecting. I don’t know. Just a thought. What are your thought on Lee being on the Men Tell All? By now the jig is up an everyone has seen his twitter. Not only would he have to defend himself and the edit he’s gotten on the show, but there’s no way they’re not bringing up those tweets, right?

Also, a hypothetical question for you. If you could be a fly on the wall in one of these rooms, which do you choose… Amanda and Andi together at dinner last week? Or being there when Josh found out that Amanda and Andi were together at dinner?

Comment: I’d be pretty shocked if Lee was at the Men Tell All, however if he was, it would strictly be to apologize. If he comes there and hasn’t changed a beat, he’s a moron.

Probably Amanda and Andi together because there would be more stories to go around. We’ve already seen Josh fly off the handle before. That would’ve just been another time.

Hi Steve,

I’m not sure if you will know the answer to this but do you happen to know if the guys/gals are told where to stand during the rose ceremonies? It almost seems like they have a certain place assigned to them and they have to stand there. I mostly ask because I just don’t feel like Kenny would intentionally stand next to Lee if he didn’t have to, as shown in last night’s rose ceremony.

This obviously isn’t a huge issue but I was just curious.

Thank you!!

Comment: Yes, they’re told where to stand.

Hi Steve!

I’d love to get your opinion on a theory I had about the casting and ages that go on each season. Do you think that the producers ask each lead what age range they’re comfortable settling down with/dating? In last seasons case this would mean Nick responded with an “I don’t care, I know I’m not ending up with this person” so the producers filled the cast with a bunch of 21-24 year olds because they would make good tv. Then, this season Rachel is obviously more serious about the process so she got a bunch of men that are actually close in age with her and have more in common with her/mature? Just a thought!

Comment: They certainly ask, but that doesn’t mean casting will oblige. They’ll cast roughly the same age group every season no matter who the lead is. The numbers have proven that out.

Hey Steve!

What are you hearing in regards to Rachel and moving out of Dallas? Is Miami really on the table? I don’t think so at all.

Also, do you really think Peter can carry his own season? I’m definitely not seeing Eric being ready for his own season and he’s so in his head im amazed he made it as far as he did. They are the only game in town at this point.

Have a great week!

Comment: This is the same franchise that had Sean, Ben Flajnik, and Ben Higgins as leads. At any point during their respective “Bachelorette” seasons, did you ever find them wildly entertaining? The life of the party? A crazy, fun, outgoing personality? That’d be a no. I say it all the time: it doesn’t matter who the lead is. The show is made in casting, the drama, the dates, and the locations. Same script every season. That’s what makes the show.

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