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    “Reader Emails” & The Tabloids Already Starting in on Nick

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well that didn’t take long. Even before Nick was “officially” announced on the DWTS cast this morning, already Radar is running stories about him being a diva on set. If someone could please remove all sharp objects from Nick’s presence right now, that’d be great. Who knows if the story is true or not. My guess is it isn’t since it can’t possibly be that bad already, but the fact that it’s out there, and it’s a negative story about him which feeds into the persona that’s been painted of the guy that he’s out for fame and his ego is getting bigger and bigger with every TV appearance he does – this will drive him up a wall. Hey, this is what you signed up for. Don’t want negative things said about you whether they’re true or untrue? Then don’t put yourself out there. Most people let it slide off their back. Nick? Ummmmm, lets just say he handles things a bit differently. While he … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails” Incl Tomorrow’s Podcast Guest, and Josh Speaks on Andi & Nick

    Photo Credit: ET Online

    Before we get to talking about podcast stuff and the latest flying out of Josh Murray’s mouth, a good response yesterday to “Cash me ousside how bout dah” girl. Good meaning everyone is pretty in shock over this girl and her antics. I can’t get enough of it. Like, I spent a lot of time yesterday going back over old interviews she did that I missed. You know, after she went on Dr. Phil in September, he sent her away to a “rehab” place. Not one of those Dr. Drew type places, but one up in the mountains where she was basically given a horse that she had to take care of to learn responsibilities. I guess you’re only supposed to do a month or 3 months there, and she says she did six because, well, I guess that’s how jacked up they thought she was. However she’s gotten back and doesn’t seem like much has changed. Maybe she doesn’t fight and steal as much anymore, but she’s … Continue reading

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    The Largest “Reader Emails” of the Season

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I’d say on average, “Reader Emails” every week is roughly between 35-40 emails. Sometimes lower, sometimes bigger but always in that range. When I start receiving emails from people (beginning Wednesday after “Reader Emails” posts, through the following Wednesday morning), I just drop it into a folder and usually start answering them whenever I have free time. Before Monday’s episode aired, I believe I had already answered 25 emails, so I knew this was going to be a big week. When it was all said and done, there ended up being over 100 submissions this week. Obviously, a lot of them surrounded the Rachel decision and a lot of people shared the same opinions/theories. So no, you do not have 100 emails this week to read. I think it’s around 65 and I tried to weed out a lot of the repetitive stuff. So if you sent in an email in the last week but you don’t see it in here, don’t think I didn’t think it was … Continue reading

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