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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, IG Live, Colton on Kaitlyn’s Podcast, & Temptation Island

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    I’m know a few of you saw last week that I did an IG live to go over the spoilers the rest of the season. Anyone who follows me knows I’m not a huge IG guy at all. Not for me. So that was the first IG live I’ve ever done. Felt it was necessary after last Monday’s episode that had the crazy teaser for the rest of the season that confused a lot of you. Rather than write it all out again, I figured I would address it verbally and explain what I know and what I don’t know for the remainder of the season. Afterwards, people said I should do those more often, and I’m sure I’ll eventually do another one at some point, but honestly, that platform kinda sucks for answering questions. I can only see I believe about 4-5 bars at a time. So if a question gets asked, and I take more than 5 seconds to answer that question (which I usually do), … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, & “Temptation Island”

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    A lot of good emails this week regarding some of the latest happenings in Bachelor Nation. One thing a lot of people are still asking about is the “Bachelorette” gig and who’s gonna get it, and do you think so-and-so has a chance, etc. It might be a question I’m gonna have to start removing from “Reader Emails” just because we don’t know enough yet. I’m gonna keep giving the same answer no matter how many different names you throw at me? All I can do is repeat what I’ve always said. There have been 14 Bachelorettes. Every one of them finished in the top 4 of the season they were on. If you want to give me a name of someone who didn’t finish the top 4, and list all the reasons why you think they should be it, that’s fine, but I don’t know what you expect me to say in return. They cast the men before they cast the lead knowing who their main candidates … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Finale Schedule, Temptation Island, & Cassie’s Ex Speaks Out

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    I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the outpouring of love for the Craig podcast has been unbelievable. A lot of you have written me personally, and I shared them with Craig because he needed to hear it. Craig told me he appreciates all the support, and he had a lot of people come out of the woodwork to him and express their sentiments towards his story, not to mention people who’ve opened up to him and are willing to get help now. I knew it’d be a powerful story, not only because of the way Craig has dealt with it, but because how open he was in describing just exactly what he went through. To admit it’s not an easy road and every day is a struggle, but he knows where he’ll end up if he ever goes back down that road again, that’s not easy to admit. The guy has been through hell as you could probably imagine and I know I’m pulling for him as … Continue reading

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