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    Podcast #51 – Interview with Sadie Murray


    As for today’s podcast guest, this one is a doozy. Two weeks ago we spoke to Prince Lorenzo, and today we get the girl he dumped at the altar (but later dated), Sadie Murray. Sadie is loaded with stories from her season, and has had quite the interesting post-show dating life. Talk about six degrees of separation. A very fun almost-2 hour conversation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Sadie is high energy, funny, and has stories for days. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her. So much so that the Final 10 lasted over 45 minutes because we ended up going off on so many tangents. One thing to mention, when we get to the “gaslighting” question, I realized after we recorded that it was something I saw on her Twitter feed back in July of this year. It’ll make more sense once you hear it. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Sadie’s Twitter handle (@GoToGirlfriend) in your replies so … Continue reading

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    Podcast #50 – Interview with Astrid Loch


    We’ve reached 50 podcasts now. 50. When I started doing these last December, I had no idea how this was going to go. I knew I wanted to do them, but I had no idea what the response would be. It’s basically ended up exceeding all my expectations, so thank you for that. And yes, I have listened to a few “complaints” and made one change going forward. You’re right, there’s nothing rapid about the “Rapid 10.” The idea was to ask shorter questions to end the show, so those questions themselves were rapid, but my guests answers have always led me to ask follow ups and it ends up going longer. So starting today, the “Rapid 10” is now just the “Final 10.” I know, creative huh? Anyway, Astrid was a blast to talk to. Just like Sarah Vendal two weeks ago, someone that only lasted 4 episodes, but still had a story to tell. She was supposed to be on BIP before the shutdown, so what … Continue reading

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    Podcast #49 – Interview with Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Episode 5 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast, & (EXCLUSIVE) Where Are They Headed for Hometown Dates?


    A lot of stuff today. Podcast #49, episode #5 of the “He Said, She Said” monthly podcast I do with Sharleen Joynt, and I have an update on Hometown dates, which begin filming today. I’ve got your first three and the order they will be filmed. Will update you on the 4th one as soon as I get the information I need. Podcast #49 is with Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who was the lead in the 9th season of the “Bachelor.” I know, I know, a lot you are probably like, “Who?” This show has been on 15 years and Arie is Bachelor #22. There were actually a lot of seasons before a lot of the fans started watching. Lorenzo was a lot of fun to take a trip down memory lane with because it was such a different show back then. When it filmed, how it aired, how he was chosen, etc. Not to mention, he was way before social media was a thing and Lorenzo did something … Continue reading

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