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    Podcast #132 – Interview with Michael Garofola


    Interesting week to say the least after yesterday’s post from Joey Jones’ exes. Since yesterday, I’ve been told yet another woman has come forward and contacted Ashley and Melanie and kinda threw her hat into the ring saying she had been with Joey during overlapping time periods with them as well. So there’s that. It sucks, but usually that’s kinda what happens with these things and one of the reasons I gave Ashley and Melanie the platform. Usually once one person has the courage to come forward, others follow. And I as I said, that won’t be the last story you hear about from an ex this season. Stay tuned. Anyway, today’s podcast is with Michael Garofola, someone who is a triple crown threat from this franchise meaning he’s been on the “Bachelorette,” has done Paradise, and also did Winter Games. It’s been over a year since Michael’s been on, so I wanted to bring him aboard to talk about some of the hot button issues on Hannah’s … Continue reading

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    Podcast #131 – Interview with Dr. Jonathan Treece aka “Ticklemonster” & “Survivor’s” Stephen Fishbach, & Return of “Dr. Reality Steve”

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Doubling up again this week with your podcast guests as Dr. Jonathan Treece aka the “Ticklemonster” as seen on Rachel’s season and BIP season 4. Then we bring on our resident “Survivor” expert Stephen Fishbach to discuss the controversial ending to “Edge of Extinction.” Haven’t talked “Survivor” all season long, so wanted to get the thoughts of someone who’s about as dialed in as anyone in this franchise. I have some thoughts on how I would’ve voted, and Stephen is always great when it comes to breaking down a season. No one does it better. Jonathan of course was known for his tickling, and we discuss that. Do patients still refer to him as that? And how did he feel on Rachel’s season? Was their connection more than what was shown? We talk about that and a lot more. As always, if you want to respond to the interviews, please include Jonathan and Stephen’s Twitter handles (@drticklemonster & @stephenfishbach) in your replies. … Continue reading

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    Podcast #130 – Interview with the Original “Bachelorette” Bad Boy, Wes Hayden


    Love today’s podcast. It’s one of the original bad boys from the franchise, if not THE original bad boy, Wes Hayden from Jillian’s season of the “Bachelorette.” We saw Wes recently on the “Bachelorette” reunion special last Monday night as they updated us on where some of the bad boys from the franchise has been, and it reminded me that I needed to reach out to Wes. We used to hang out back in the day, we’d lost touch over the years, and seeing his story on that show, then hearing him tell it in more detail on today’s podcast was really cool to hear. I’m happy for the guy how things turned for the better for him. I know back in the day that the lifestyle he led of gigging, staying out late, drinking, couldn’t be sustained for a long period of time, and Wes ended up realizing that as well. He’s in a better place now, he just released his first album in I believe 6 … Continue reading

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