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    “Reader Emails,” BIP Reunion Finale “Spoilers,” & Leo Being Leo Again

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You know how Wednesday’s I usually do a mini recap of last night’s episode then get into “Reader Emails?” Yeah, not today. Mostly because I only saw the first hour and fifteen minutes before my fantasy draft started. It didn’t end til well past 11:00 my time and I didn’t have any interest in going back to watch what happened the rest of the episode at midnight only to shake my head at it even more. At this point, lets just get us to the finale since there’s really very little to talk about anymore. Even the reunion finale that taped yesterday really had no major drama in it. The couples that I told you were engaged over a month ago are still engaged (Chris/Krystal, Jordan/Jenna), Joe/Kendall & Astrid/Kevin still dating, and there wasn’t much else that happened. Although, Kamil did dump Annaliese on stage last night and that turned the crowd against him. I mean, if THAT’S your biggest storyline coming from the reunion taping, then you … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” & Mini BIP Episode 5 Recap

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well that sure was an interesting night last night. I’m sitting watching Paradise minding my own business and the power goes out with 30 min left in the show. I’ve been in this house 5 years (almost exactly to the day), and I can count on one hand how many times the power has gone out. When it has, it’s momentarily and comes back on seconds later. There was no storm last night, no rain, nothing. I guess something must’ve happened to a power line. After about 30 minutes, I realized it was probably lasting longer than normal. So Luka and I just sat there in the dark doing nothing other than me reading stuff on my phone while Luka jumped in my lap. At 11:00pm, power finally came back on after 2 ½ hours. It’s amazing how little there is to do during a power outage. Seems simple, but outside of looking on your phone, what is there to do? Nothing. I did take Luka on a … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails” & BIP Episode 3 Mini-Recap

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You know, we had another episode of BIP on last night, and trying to keep track of who’s making out with who is equivalent to a Carrie Mathison board on “Homeland.” Or CT on the “Challenge” last night figuring out who are the power teams. We’re venturing into Venn diagram territory now trying to figure out all these hookups, and not only that, just the reason for the hookups. Nothing Chris did last night made any sense whatsoever. None. I’m sure he’ll take to social media today and begin to explain himself, but that one was a head scratcher. There could be some editing involved, or conversations that weren’t shown to us which would make him jumping from Tia to Krystal in 14 seconds make a hell of a lot more sense, but from what was shown to us, he was just a dog. Chris has shown he has no problem taking to social media to explain to the world what happened on his show, so maybe we … Continue reading

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