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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, and “Temptation Island” Episode 2

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So episode 2 of “Temptation Island” aired last night. What’d you think? Was there anything more uncomfortable than Shari and Javen choosing their first dates? The other 6 at least had the decency to grab their dates hand when they chose them as they walked back. Shari and Javen pointed at them like they were in a police line up. “You. I pick you. This way please.” Hilarious. We’re only 2 episodes in though. They’re going to loosen up. And if someone can explain to me what Shari was so upset with watching Javen’s video at bonfire last night, please inform me. I’m just as confused as Host Mark was. Like, what did she see that was so bad? Am I missing something? I’m going to ask Kaci that today if maybe something was shown that we didn’t see, but I doubt it. Maybe it was just the emotions of being away from their boyfriends, I don’t know. But Shari lost it over something fairly innocent I thought. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, & “Temptation Island” Talk & Clip From Next Week’s Episode

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There seem to be two overlying topics in “Reader Emails” today, and that is either reaction to the Paulie podcast from last week, or, the Kaitlyn/Jason relationship. I guess that’s to be expected. One thing I forgot to mention about the Paulie podcast yesterday that some of you mentioned to me is that you’re seeing it twice in your podcast feed? I know I only see it once in mine, but I can tell you what happened. When I first released it last week, I totally forgot to put in the music bed in the beginning and end. And that bothered me because, well, when you do the same thing for the previous 111 episodes but forget the music for #112, it just sounded weird. So I actually went in and deleted that podcast (or so I thought) off Apple Podcasts, then just re-uploaded the same podcast but with the music. For some reason, the first one I guess isn’t getting deleted off some people’s feeds. Not sure … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Cassie Might’ve Screwed Up, and Paulie on the Podcast

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Another successful premiere is in the books. So thanks everyone again for coming back to the site yesterday for all your “Bachelor” info. I say it every season, and it never fails. From the second BIP is over in mid September, until the day of the “Bachelor” premiere on the first Monday in January, so roughly 3 1/2 months, my traffic is rather pedestrian. Sure, the die hards who have to know every second what’s going on are there every day, but those people are so the minority of this show’s overall audience. You should see the numbers from Sept. 15th or so through Jan. 6th. Sure, there’s spikes on days of spoilers during filming, but the second that first Monday rolls around, it skyrockets. It’s why it’s hard for me to dedicate a lot of time to anything other than the show in the offseason. But it works hand in hand, I get it. When I was doing “Daily Links” sure it’d be a little more, but … Continue reading

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